About Paradise Global Missions

Paradise Global Mission is
a division of Jesus Christ Is Calling You Ministries.

“Paradise Global Mission is your opportunity to touch the world for Christ with long term impact through a short-term mission.”


The purpose of Paradise Global Mission is to utilize short-term mission teams for long term impact in making disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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This is done by:

  • Developing partnerships with local churches, ministries, colleges and seminaries
  • Offering a composite of ministry options based on need (ie. teaching, medical/dental, sports, youth construction, ESL, evangelistic rallies, orphanage, music and creative arts, etc.)
  • Conduct leadership conferences and seminars for pastors and leaders with the goal of planting churches.

Additional Information

The Organization of Paradise Global Mission

Paradise Global Mission which focuses on providing short-term mission opportunities through strategic partnerships began in 1998 in Okinawa under the name Paradise Crusades where an unprecedented 8 Evangelistic Crusades were conducted in 6 days (from southern to northern Okinawa). The Paradise Crusades team was comprised of 22 members from Texas, California and Hawaii. Also in 1998, exploratory work was done in the Philippines, which eventually grew into sending team annually to the Philippines. Between 1999-2000 the reach expanded to Kenya and eventually grew to reach Japan, India, Thailand, Brazil, China, Laos, Uganda and the Dominican Republic.

The year 2003 saw the start of Global Pastors Institute in the Philippines to develop pastors and plant churches. In 9 years, 11 churches were planted in Kenya, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda and the United States through our partnerships with key leaders and organizations. Team members have come from Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii. At the same time, more than 170 short-term missionaries (including those gone repeatedly) have been sent.

PGM fulfilled its vision of sending “8 in 8 in 2008″. 8 teams into 8 nations in 2008. Other nations including Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Pacific Island nations are also being considered prayerfully.

A systematic process is currently in progress to support the growth of opportunities being provided to a larger base of local churches. Training systems are being developed to build quality and consistency in each team through cross-cultural mission training. In addition Mission Director training is also being formalized to equip and launch new Directors who are prepared to lead teams.

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Mission Applications


No doubt, God has been speaking to you about going on a short-term mission. Please follow the instructions here to apply for a mission. If you have not settled on a destination country, please feel free to contact our office and we can assist you further.

2011 Mission Applications

We need the following:

  1. Candidate Profile*
  2. Pastoral Recommendation* (Ask your pastor to resubmit annually via printed copy)
  3. Mission Specific Application (may be applicable for your country)
  4. A recent “headshot” photo (digital or mail a copy)
  5. $20 Non-refundable Appication Fee payable to JCCY.

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*Some helpful tips for using these forms…

  • You will need the free software Adobe Reader version 9 or higher to complete the form and submit it online. If your software is not up to date, please go to www.adobe.com and click on the picture of the “Free Reader”.
  • After you have filled out the information in this form, save the file, and email us a copy. Alternatively you may print and mail a copy to us.
  • You may choose to save or print a copy for your own reference.

2012 Applications Coming Soon…

We currently support missions in the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Dominican Republic
  • India
  • Japan
  • Kenya
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Uganda
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Giving Opportunities

“Charitable contributions speak eloquently of your unselfish Christian generosity.”
Billy Graham

Please consider this opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with JCCY and Paradise Global Mission.

Your support will result in lives redeemed through Christ with new churches planted in strategic nations of the world. Tailored for those who want to taste missions first hand, you can take part in the experience through short-term mission opportunities. Targeting “Eight nations by 2008” including Japan, Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, India, Russia, Brazil, China and Russia, the unreached people throughout the world are open to the Gospel as never before. PGM is also expanding to Laos, Uganda and the Dominican Republic.

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Give toward Paradise Global Missions

  • Help Evangelize A Nation (Japan, Philippines, Kenya, India, Thailand, Brazil, China, Russia, Laos, Uganda, Dominican Republic)
  • Provide Training for Short-Term Missionaries

If you would like to make a donation to a specific short-term missionary, input their name and country in the “Purpose” box on the next page after selecting the [Donate] button.

Give Toward Global Pastors Institute

  • Scholarship for Pastors/Church Planters/Leaders
  • Support A Pastor for $50 Per Month
  • Support A Church for $100 Per Month
  • Plant A Church for a One Time Gift of $200 or More
  • Send A Qualified Instructor to Provide Training

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Your Opportunity to Touch The World For Jesus Christ

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